University of Iowa

Elevated Access in ICON

There are several roles in ICON that can help support staff assist faculty and instructors.

The Support Staff role has read-only access to tools and files in an ICON site. The Collegiate Admin roles (L1 and L2) generally have access to do everything an instructor would do in a course plus access to additional administrative tools. The ICON Administrative Conventions and Procedures Handbook covers these roles in more detail.

To get this level of access, fill out the Elevated ICON Access Authorization Form and submit it to workflow. Approval is required by your area’s IT Director, and completing FERPA training as well as ICON Collegiate Admin training is required.

Administrative rights are intended for instructional or support staff who work with instructors using ICON.  Based on guidance from University General Counsel, this level of access is not available for those with a position of authority over instructors.  Deans, Associate Deans, DEOs, or others with authority over instructors should seek approval from all instructors in their area to be granted elevated access in ICON.  


ICON Collegiate Administrator Tools

Depending on your collegiate administrator role in ICON, you may or may not have access to the tools below. Contact the ICON Support team if you have questions about using these tools.

Canvas Administrator Guide | Canvas Instructor Guide