University of Iowa

Several factors may influence why you don't see all of your courses in the Courses list. Below you can see the main reasons students & instructors are unable to see their courses in ICON.

Common reasons you can't see your courses in ICON

  • The course is unpublished. Your instructor may not have published the course yet. This step has to be taken before any students can see the course. Courses will appear grayed-out at the bottom of the Dashboard if they have not been published. Note that some instructors do not choose to use an ICON site for their course, and may leave the course site inactive for students.You can remind your instructor to publish the course site. Find instructions for publishing a course.
  • You’re looking too soon. ICON’s enrollment process may not have run since you registered for the class in MyUI. Depending on when you added (or dropped) a course, it can take up to six hours for changes in MyUI to be transferred to ICON.
  • Have you officially registered? If you did not officially register for the course, then your instructor has not yet enrolled you in the course. This usually applies to non-UI, unregistered, or guest students. Contact your instructor to enroll or for more support.
  • Your correct course list is not being displayed. Either you have recently made changes to your registered courses and not all systems have had a chance to update OR your cache on the ICON Dashboard needs cleared, logging out and then back in should resolve this particular cache issue. Clearing the cache on the browser will resolve any browser related caching issues, both maybe necessary to display the correct courses for you if it is not related to a recent course add/drop made by the student.
  • Instructors - Have you completed FERPA Training? Your courses will not be available until you complete FERPA training. 

If you still have questions about your courses in ICON, contact the ITS Help Desk.