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What is the website for UICapture?

The main website for UICapture is at

You can also access your UICapture content through the integration with ICON.

What is Iowa's Lecture Capture Service?

The University of Iowa standardized to a campus-wide solution in fall '10. The lecture capture market is still changing quite rapidly so ITS will keep its eye on how the technology progresses and make changes as needed.

Who is eligible to use Iowa's Lecture Capture?

All faculty, staff, and students are able to use the lecture capture solution. Use of the system is reserved for educational, research or institutional purposes. Software can be downloaded from the Software downloads page.

Is Iowa's Lecture Capture available in my classroom?

Although it is available in over 235 classrooms on campus, to know for sure it is best to check with your local UICapture contact person or contact the ITS Help Desk.

How do my students watch the material produced by Iowa's Lecture Capture?

There are several solutions available to students depending on what you want. Direct links can be made in ICON via the Content tool, lectures can be podcast via iTunesU or RSS feeds, or a default player can be embedded into a website. Embedding in ICON

If I move a recording from one folder to another, will the recording's URL change?

No, the recording's URL stays the same.

How long will my lectures be available to me?

Recorded lectures will be on ITS's servers for four years from the last view. At that time, faculty should work with their collegiate lecture capture admin to assist with archiving somewhere else.

How much do Iowa's Lecture Capture services cost?

The service is offered through ITS and is of no cost to faculty, staff, or students. However, there may be circumstances when a college may be charged for extra storage.

Supported Browsers?

To create, edit, and view sessions in UICapture a HTML 5 compatible browser is required. The most up-to-date versions of Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Apple Safari are all compatible. Learn more

I am a creator.  How do I request a new folder for my upcoming class?

You can either contact the Help Desk at or your local UICapture IT Support person in your college.

Getting Started Guide

Who is the local UICapture IT Support person in my college?

We have a list of trained UICapture support partners in the colleges. 

Local Contacts

UICapture Migration

Migration details from Summer 2019

UICapture and Content Retention

Read More about how Content is being cleaned up in UICapture.

Starting 07/01/2020

End User Licence Agreement

Each year on January 1, Creators will need to accept the EULA before they can record. Once they accept, they are clear to record until the agreement changes or the first of the year comes around again.

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How do I get elevated access for my Department in UICapture?

Department Admin Guide


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