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UICapture/Panopto sessions and folders can be shared in a variety of ways. It is important to know how your content is currently being shared, and how you might go about changing it.

When you click on Share for either a session or folder, you have five different options. Those options are:

Panopto Share Settings
  • Specific people*: Shares the folder with specific people as publishers, creators, or viewers. The integration with ICON will handle sharing with these specific people.
  • Anyone at your organization with the link*: Enables viewing access for anyone who has a HawkID and a link to the session. This will make the video hidden from other users in the list of Everything. This unlisted state means that the session won't be discovered by anyone browsing in UICapture. It can only be accessed through a direct link after signing in with a HawkID. 
  • Anyone at your organization*: Enables viewing access for anyone who has a HawkID. The video will be indexed under "Everything" for all users.
  • Anyone with the link: Enables viewing access for anyone on the Internet, no sign-in is required. This unlisted state means that the session won't be discovered by anyone browsing in UICapture. It can only be accessed through a direct link with or without a HawkID. 
  • Public on the web: Allows anyone on the Internet to find and access the sessions.

* Needs to be used for video quizzes to work properly

Please be mindful that sessions are capable of inheriting permissions from their parent folder, but inheriting can be changed so it is important to check each session for its permission setting.

Read more about getting started with and using UICapture.

Technological Pedagogical

UICapture (Powered by Panopto) is located at If you have questions about how you can start producing/uploading content to UICapture, check with the ITS HelpDeskyour local IT support person, or our Getting Started guide.

There are many different ways to share content with your students and to have them share content with you. 

Divide longer lectures into three to twelve-minute segments for recording and playback.  Students will have more success in watching shorter segments and will retain more information.

UICapture has the ability to record offline and upload at a later date. This is very useful in limited time situations or in locations with intermittent Internet access. Encourage students to come to class rather than rely on only the captured lectures.
If you don't log out of the Windows Panopto Recorder,  but just use the "X" to close it, in the event of an Internet or service outage, you will be able to record offline.  The Mac recorder can always record offline.   Provide lecture material online before the corresponding class meeting, and hold students responsible for viewing it on their own. This frees up class time for more interactive activities and discussion. (aka Flipping the classroom)
The quality of session playback is determined by the original recording's quality as well as the connection speed to the computer viewing the session. Make certain to close all other applications and Internet browser tabs when viewing UICapture sessions. Using a wired Ethernet connection is also highly preferred. Record short segments for online posts outside of classroom lectures. Use a more informal tone, as if in a tutorial session, to make the listening experience more personal for students.
Things you have Creator access to can be found under the "My Folders" heading under the left-hand menu, then under Browse. Anything you have at least viewer access to will be under the "All Folders" heading. More on user permissions. Provide unabridged, recorded lectures for international students and ESL students to review the material at their own pace once a classroom session is completed.

Never use the "Merge" tool. Use the Add Content feature in the Editor instead.

  • Using the "Merge" feature to merge two or more recordings can cause the streams (I.E. PowerPoint, Audio, Screen) to get mixed up.
Have a student or Teaching Assistant take notes throughout the lecture. Post them online along with the audio-visual recording so that students can fill in missing information in their own notes and have a model for note-taking in future lectures. This can even be done live, so the notes align with the lecture being given.
Before editing make a copy of your original video so that you have a backup. Remind students that reviewing recorded lectures are a good way to prepare for tests and exams. Panopto has a great guide on how to take notes within a video in UICapture.
If you do not need MP3 or MP4 Podcasts, you can turn off that feature if you have Creator rights in the Folder. It will speed up your session processing time slightly.  You can have this feature turned on later if you need it. Pre-designate a time for students to participate in small group and individual discussions regarding course material. Record and upload these conversations so that other students can access them.
Once subscribed to, Podcasts lose their HawkID authentication and become downloadable. If you do not want your content to be in the hands of your viewers, you can turn off the podcast feature if you have Creator rights in the Folder. Allow students who have received an A on a paper or exam to offer advice to other students in a short session via the lecture capture system.
PowerPoint content that bleeds over or is completely off the slide background can cause issues with the processing of your recordings. To prevent such issues, run a document inspection in PowerPoint. Students can be content creators by using UICapture's Assignment Folder feature (different than an Assignment in ICON). Depending on how the Assignment Folder is set up, instructors can allow students to either have access to view and edit other group members content for collaboration purposes or limit students' access to only their content.  Instructors have access to view, copy, and move all student-created content in both situations. Contact your IT Campus Partner to get started. There is also a guide available here.



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