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Adding UICapture to an ICON Course

Copying Sessions to a New Folder

Embedding UICapture Sessions in an ICON Course

Creating a UICapture Quiz

Adding a UICapture Quiz to an Assignment in ICON

Creating a UICapture Playlist

Statistics in UICapture


Creating a Video Upload Assignment in ICON

Creating a Video Submission Folder for your ICON Assignment



Submitting a Video Upload Assignment

Taking a UICapture Quiz

Adding Video Responses to ICON Discussions



The Create Button

Basic Recording Windows | MacOS

Hotkeys Windows | MacOS

How To Get High-Quality ASR Caption Results In Six Steps

Recording Best Practices

Troubleshooting Windows | MacOS

How to Create a UICapture Video in your Browser

Recording to UICapture with Zoom Cloud Recording



Uploading a Video to UICapture

Building a UICapture Session

Supported File Types



Navigating the Editor

Editing a Session

Changing the Preview Image

Adding a Table of Contents

Adding Smart Chapters - New

Adding Captions

Adding Captions for Different Languages - This does not translate your captions to a different language, but helps the system recognize the language to better provide search results and captioning that matches the language spoken in the video. 

Adding a Slide Deck

Adding a Quiz

Adding a YouTube Video

How to Add a Qualtrics Survey inside a UICapture Video

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