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Embedding a Qualtrics Survey into a UICapture Video and Collecting Data

This page has two sections of instructions.  The first set  of instructions explains how to take the distribution link from a Qualtrics survey, and place it into a specific time in a UICapture video.  The second set of instructions explains how to customize the link, if you were to place the same survey in multiple UICapture videos, and would want to trace which responses to the survey came from which videos.

Part One: Embedding a Survey into a UICapture Video

Part Two: Passing information from a UICapture Video into a Qualtrics Survey

Part One: Embedding a Survey into a UICapture Video

1. Log in to and access the Distributions tab of your desired survey. Click Anonymous link within the navigation menu to the left of the screen and then click Copy this link.

Screen from Qualtrics Survey, Distributions, Anonymous link, and Copy this link highlighted with gold boxes

2. Log in to using your HawkID and password, and then navigate to the folder containing the video you would like to use. Hover over the video and click on Edit to launch the video editor.

Screen from UICapture, Edit option highlighted with gold box

3. Once in the video editor, select the place along the timeline at which you would like the survey to be presented to the viewers. The time selected will be indicated by a red line. 

Timeline from UICapture video editor

4.  After selecting the desired time, click the + (plus) button to the right of the scissor icon, and then click Add a webpage.

Screen from UICapture menu, Add a webpage option indicated with gold box

5. Give the survey link a Title—this title will appear in the Table of Contents within the UICapture video. Paste the anonymous survey link into the Link field and then click Save.

UICapture Menu indicating link location for Qualtrics Anonymous Link, highlighted with a gold box

6. You must click Apply in the top right-hand corner of the UICapture editor to save changes and for your viewers to be able to access your survey.

UICapture Apply button, highlighted by a gold box

Part Two: Passing information from a UICapture Video into a Qualtrics Survey

1. Copy the anonymous survey link as outlined in Step 1 from Section I above.

2. Paste the link into a text editor, such as Notepad.

3. Add a question mark (?), the desired Embedded Data field name (video, for example), an equal sign (=), and the value field (lecture1, for example) to the end of the URL. The URL should now look something like the following:

4. Click on the Survey tab of your desired Qualtrics survey, navigate to the Survey Flow icon in the navigation menu, and then click on + Add a New Element Here.

5. Select the element type Embedded Data and then type in the embedded data name chosen in your new URL (in this case, video).

Screen from Qualtrics, Embedded Data option indicated with a Gold Box from within Survey Flow screen

Screen from Qualtrics, Create New Field indicated with a gold box, within the Set Embedded Data options

6. After filling in the embedded data name field, use the Move button to carry the Embedded Data block to the top of the survey flow.

Screen from Qualtrics, indicating the Move option within Set Embedded Data panel with a gold box

Screen from Qualtrics, indicating the dragging of the Embedded Data panel with a gold arrow

7. Once the Embedded Data block has been moved, make sure to click Apply to save changes.

Screen from Qualtrics Survey, Apply button indicated with a gold box

8.    After saving the survey, follow Steps 2 through 6 from Section I above to embed the updated survey link, with data name and value into your UICapture video (Section I, Step 3).

Screen from UICapture, showing where to update the survey link in the recording.


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