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Creating an ICON Assignment with UICapture Video Upload

Before creating your assignment in ICON, please complete the steps in Creating an Assignment Folder in UICapture.

  1. Click Assignments in the navigation menu to the left of your ICON course.
  2. Click the gold +Assignment button in the upper right to create an assignment.
  3. Set up the assignment as you would other ICON Assignments.
  4. In the Rich Content Editor (RCE), include directions for turning in an UICapture Assignment.

Rich text editor with instructions on turning in UICapture assignment. Instructions are below the image.

Sample Text:

In this assignment, you will make a video submission to the assignment folder (folder name) with the folder ID (include Folder ID)

  • In the Text Entry Editor, select the green UICapture button on the menu.
  • Copy the folder ID shown above and paste it into the search box shown at the top of the page.
  • Select the folder labeled (folder name)
  • Add your video submission by choosing an existing video, uploading a video or recording a video in real time.
  • For more instructions go to Submitting a Video Upload Assignment.
  1. For Submission Type, select Online, then Text Entry.
    • If possible, avoid allowing other submission types to streamline the student submission process.

ICON Assignment Submission Type with Text Entry selected.
  1. Adjust any other settings for the assignment, including the due dates.
  2. Click Save or Save & Publish.

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