The University of Iowa
  1. Open the ICON discussion and select “Reply” to post.

An ICON discussion prompt with the Reply button pointed out.
  1. Select the green UICapture menu symbol to go to the UI Capture window.

An arrow pointing to the UICapture symbol.
  1. To post your video in the correct discussion folder, copy and paste the Folder ID provided by your instructor into the search box. Click Enter.

A folder number pasted into the folder bar in the UICapture menu.
  1. Select the folder found, which is located immediately below the search box.
  2. Select how you want to submit your video.
    • Select Choose to submit an existing UICapture video.
    • Select Upload to submit a video from your computer.
    • Select to Record your submission video in real time with either Panopto Capture (recommended) or the Panopto Desktop Recorder.

UI Capture Window with no videos yet.
  1. For more directions on how to submit each video type, see UICapture – Student Submissions in ICON.
  2. Add any other text to your post and click Post Reply.

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