The University of Iowa

Joining Meetings With Your HawkID

In order to use your HawkID to join a Zoom meeting, you need to sign into the Zoom desktop client using the SSO option.

We recommend always signing into the application, but this step is required when the meeting host has set up the meeting to require a HawkID to join or if you would like to host a meeting using your University Zoom account. If you schedule a meeting through the Zoom app, but are not signed in with your University Zoom account, you will likely be limited to a free Zoom account (100 participants, 40 minute max meeting length).


  1. From the Sign In window, select the button to Sign in with SSO.

Select Sign in with SSO
  1. This will take you to a screen where you enter the Company Domain.

    • To use your HawkID, enter uiowa in that box.

Enter uiowa as the Company Domain
  1. You will be directed to the HawkID sign-in page in your default browser, enter your credentials if prompted.

  2. Next you will be directed back to the Zoom website where you will likely be asked if you would like to Open Zoom. Confirming this action will open the Zoom client you have installed on your computer.

Select Open Zoom

You may need to rejoin the meeting once signed in. Clicking on the Join URL should direct you into the meeting with your proper credentials now that you are signed in.