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All: How many students must be enrolled in a course in order for a course evaluation to be created?
Course evaluations are created for every single course in MAUI regardless of the number of students enrolled. However, "Independent Study" courses are exempt from course evaluations.


All: When do evaluations open and close? When are the reports available to instructors?
For all ACE dates, please refer to the ACE Dates Table.


Administrator: Can the distribution of ACE Online Course Evaluations be changed using MAUI?
Yes, you can edit both which instructor receives an ACE Evaluation and when the evaluation will be available for students. Instructions for making these changes can be found in the document Customizing ACE Evaluation Delivery Date via MAUI. Also, refer to the ACE Dates Table for MAUI and ACE dates.


Administrators and Instructors: Can reports be downloaded?
Yes, all reports can be saved as PDF or Excel files which can be saved, emailed, or printed.


Administrators and Instructors: Can you reopen my evaluations?
No, please refer to the ACE Dates Table.


Instructor: How will using online course evaluations affect the response rate of my students?
Generally speaking, for the first year of implementation, response rates may decline as faculty and students get used to the new system. Refer to our Best Practices page for ideas on how to attain higher response rates.


Instructor: When will I get my final reports?
All reporting will be available to instructors about 3 days after final grades are due unless a college has asked for a different timeline.


Instructor: How long will the reports be kept online?
As long as you have a valid HawkID and password, you will have access to all of your individual reports.


Instructor: I want to make changes to my evaluations but I don't see an option to do so.
No changes can be made to evaluations once the evaluation period has started. Below is a list of changes that CANNOT be made once the evaluations have opened:
     Adding/removing/editing questions
     Adding/removing instructors/TA/team teachers/primary teachers/students
     Extending/shortening evaluation period


Student: Once I have submitted my course evaluation can I change it in any way?
No, once you have submitted your course evaluation(s) they are final and cannot be edited.


Student: How do I access the ACE Online program to complete my course evaluations?
You can access the ACE Online program from the "Student Tools" menu located at the top of the ICON dashboard or via the "Course Evaluations" button from MyUI.

ACE ICON Dashboard



Student: Do I have to use a computer or laptop in order to complete my course evaluations?
No, the ACE Online program is accessible from any device that can access the internet (computer, laptop, tablet, or cell phone).


Student: What if I do not have enough time in class to complete my course evaluation?
You can complete your course evaluation any time during the evaluation period. If you did not have enough time in class to finish, you can save your progress and complete it at a later time. However, your responses will not count unless you actually finish and submit the evaluation.


Support for ACE Online Evaluations