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Assessing students’ learning may take different forms and involve using instructional tools. The following tools may be useful for developing and administering high-stakes assessments. To explore alternative assessment strategies and tools, see Planning Your Learning Activities and Assignments

Academic Integrity 

  • The ICON Quizzes tool can be used to deliver online quizzes and exams and can be paired with additional tools to ensure academic integrity. 
  • Limiting the allotted time on an ICON Quiz may increase academic integrity, but it may also reduce students' ability to complete the entire assessment. Balance the need for locking down quizzes with the learning outcome you hope to accomplish. 
  • Consider teaching strategies to reduce cheating.  
  • Respondus LockDown Browser can be added to any ICON Quiz. 
    • Respondus limits the programs open on a student’s computer when taking an assessment. We recommend using this tool in a proctored environment.    
    • Respondus Lockdown Browser cannot prevent students from using another device to open notes, websites, or other resources.  


Making Assessments More Equitable 

  • Communicate the goal, process, and criteria (rubrics, grading system, expectations, etc.) with students before assignments, quizzes, and exams.  
  • List devices that can be used to complete assessments.  
  • Ask students about their technology and internet access. 
  • Discuss academic integrity and provide examples.  
    • You may also give examples of cheating and plagiarism and ask if students have questions. 
  • Consider offering a non-internet-based option (e.g., a phone number) to contact the instructor during an exam, especially if there is a time limit or the platform used is sensitive to internet connectivity.  
  • Instructors can allow extra time for individual students on quizzes and exams for students with accommodations.  
  • Contact the SDS Exam Services Coordinator if you have any questions about meeting a student’s exam accommodation needs.  

Technology Solutions 

Not sure which tool will best fit your needs? Get help using technology for your classes. Contact the ITS Help Desk or the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology.