The University of Iowa

Program Summary

To request a TILE room from the Office of the Registrar, instructors must become TILE enabled. To start this process, email the TILE Program at with the following information: 

  • Name, department, and HawkID .
  • First semester you would like to teach in a TILE space (if known).
  • If there is a TILE room in particular in which you hope to teach. 
  • Where you heard about the TILE program. 
  • Three dates and times you would be available for a one-hour consultation in the semester before you would like to become enabled. 

After we receive your email, several things will happen: 

  1. An OTLT Center for Teaching staff member will contact you to schedule a consultation, which will take place in two different TILE rooms to explore as many different TILE features as possible. This consultation occurs in collaboration with staff from OTLT Learning Spaces, who will discuss how to use the room technology with you. 
  2. Enroll in our TILE guide on ICON using your HawkID. This site has support and resources for those new to teaching in TILE as well as experienced TILE instructors, including sample lesson plans, course design resources, and upcoming TILE events. We recommend that you take a look ahead of your consultation time. 
  3. After the consultation, you will be TILE enabled and can request TILE rooms for your courses. Consult with your department administrators to request classroom reservations for your course. 

We hope you will stay engaged with the Center for Teaching as you teach in TILE through one of our regular TILE-related events, like a TILE Teaching Demo or through a coffee to chat with us about how it’s going. Additional teaching consultations on course design, assessment design, teaching technologies, supporting TAs in TILE, and other topics are available at any point in the process. Request a consultation