The University of Iowa

To help instructors to make data-informed decisions about their teaching and help departments understand the students in their programs, the Research and Analytics team collects, aggregates, and analyzes a wide range of data about student learning and outcomes.  

These reports are customized to answer your specific questions and include the tables, figures, and statistical analyses needed to draw inferences. The goal of these reports is to serve as a guide for pedagogical reflection and decision-making. 

What aggregated data can we provide? 

  • Student demographics.
  • Course outcomes, placement scores, and grade-point average. 
  • Students' trajectories in their major and degrees earned. 
  • Student engagement with learning tools such as ICON, UICapture (Panopto), Top Hat, eText, and many others/ 
  • Students' perceptions, motivation, and sense of belonging via surveys we administer. 

What questions can we help you answer? 

  • Do students who procrastinate on assignments and quizzes perform worse than students who do not?
  • What activities are successful students engaged in?
  • Do your homework assignments and quizzes align with your exams?
  • Are there factors that indicate a student may drop your course?
  • Are there factors that indicate a student might change majors?
  • Does success in a prerequisite course predict student success in your courses?
  • Are placement scores a good indicator of course outcomes?

How can I request a report? 

If you are interested in learning more about your students, please fill out this form, and we will reach out to you to clarify your questions or discuss details. 

Not sure where to start, email for an initial meeting to help you refine your questions.