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The Learning Spaces Technology [LST] group provides consulting, design, installation, training, management and support for 300+ technology-equipped University Classrooms [UCRs] across campus and classrooms assigned to departments.

Classroom Updates

Beginning Fall semester of 2020, all UCRs will have webcams and microphones for use with UICapture software for lecture capture and podcasting, and Zoom software for synchronous classroom delivery:
•  Camera - Huddly Go, web conferencing camera, 150-degree wide-angle lens, USB HD webcam on flexible arm mount
•  Microphone - MXL AC-404 USB Conferencing boundary mic

Beginning Fall semester of 2021, all UCRs will have Solstice Pods for in-classroom wireless content sharing, and Zoom-compatible document cameras:
•  Wireless Presentation Device - Mersive Solstice Pod with unlimited connections
•  Document Camera - WolfVision vSolutions Cam document camera

Technology Cleaning Guide

University Classrooms: What You Need to Know

LST is here to help facilitate a safe learning environment for students, faculty, and staff by equipping instructors with the tools they need to be effective in today’s classroom environment. Below you will find out recommendations for cleaning classroom technology equipment. 

Keyboard and Mouse

  • The most common surface to be interacted with in a classroom is the classroom computer.  
  • To clean these newly installed hypoallergenic devices, use the provided disinfectant and wipes then properly dispose of resultant waste.

Room Control 

  • The UCR A/V system is operated by a control panel that comes in varying styles, but broken down into two group types: touchscreens and button panels. 
    • For touchscreens, use the provided touchscreen disinfectant and wipes then properly dispose of resultant waste.
    • For button panels, use the provided button panel disinfectant and wipes then properly dispose of resultant waste. 


  • Occasionally you may find you need to change the viewpoint of the camera; this is acceptable, and why the cameras are mounted on a flexible arm. 
  • Start by wiping down the surface of the arm. 
  • Next, wipe down the surface of the camera on all sides except the front. 
  • Simply hold the arm at the base with one hand and use the other to grasp the camera firmly by its sides and tilt it in the desired location.


  • The second most used piece of equipment is the classroom microphone. These come in several different styles; either a handheld microphone, or a lavalier microphone you might pin to your shirt or lapel. 
  • Be careful to use the provided disinfectant and wipes to clean both the transmitter and/or the microphone, then properly dispose resultant waste.

Additional Surfaces

  • Please keep in mind the surfaces addressed here are only some of the most frequently used surfaces you should be mindful of; others, include: light switches, table/desk tops, markers, pens, chalk/erasers, projection screen pull-downs, remotes, A/C buttons, etc.

Visit the COVID-19: Classroom Experience site for additional information regarding University Classroom expectations for the 2021 Fall semester.

For information regarding the COVID-19 Operational Response for Custodial Services, Building Operations and Maintenance and/or the UI Operational Plan for Cleaning and Disinfecting of Building Spaces, please visit the Facilities Management.

For assistance with classroom technology issues, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 384-HELP [4357] or

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