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Do I need to purchase a license to use Top Hat in my class?
No, instructor licenses are free.

How do I share a course site with another instructor or TA?
Instructions to do this are available here:

Is Top Hat HIPAA compliant?
Do not use Top Hat with protected health information as defined under HIPAA.

How do I get started?
In addition to local instructional technology resources, Top Hat will be providing 1-1 training sessions for faculty who are interested in learning more or making the switch. To ensure that they have the bandwidth to accommodate all faculty these sessions will begin as early as February.
Darren Ng, University of Iowa’s dedicated Top Hat representative will be on campus between February 13-15 to hold 1-1 demonstrations for faculty. For faculty who cannot attend these sessions, they can also find a time with him for a virtual meeting.
Please feel free to contact him or book yourself into his calendar here:

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