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What do I need to get started?

Visit the Top Hat Student Quick Start Guide for information on accessing Top Hat, response options, and gradebook information.

Where do I download the Top Hat app?
The Top Hat phone apps are available for free in the Google Play and Apple iOS app stores. For additional information about Top Hat's mobile applications, please see here: Student: iOS App Overview or Student: Android App Overview

Do I need a license?
Yes, a Top Hat license is necessary to participate in classroom sessions.

Can I put a Top Hat license on my UBill?
You can if you purchase a lifetime Top Hat license at the University Bookstore. You can ask for a Top Hat license at the register, where you will be able to purchase a subscription code you can redeem at

Do I need a smartphone to respond in class?
No, any device capable of internet connectivity, such as a laptop or tablet, will be able to connect to a Top Hat session.  You can also respond to Top Hat questions using texting, or SMS services.

How do I log in?
You can sign into Top Hat using your HawkID username and password.  See more information at the Top Hat Account Set Up page.

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