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Action items allow students to choose strategies that can help them raise or maintain their grades. The Teaching Best Practices page includes some considerations for adding action items specific to your course or even for specific units or assessments.

Managing Action Items

Click on Action Items in the Elements of Success menu to add, edit or delete current course actions.

Elements of Success Menu with an arrow pointing to Action Items


Adding Global Action Items

Several global action items already exist that you can choose to add to your students’ action items. In order to add them to your course, click on the plus (+) sign next to the item you would like to choose. Clicking the plus sign will add the item to your Course Action Items, which is a list of all of the items your students will see.

The Global Action Items screen with an arrow pointing to one of the action items


Creating Custom Action Items

  • Type a new action item that you would like to to be visible to students their Elements of Success course summary.
  • Click Create when you are done typing to finish creating the action item.

Create A New Action Item with "Study Chapters 7-9 for quiz" in Goal Text and an arrow pointing to Create.


Removing Action Items

Under Course Action Items, click the red trash can symbol to the far right of the item you want to delete. Global action items will be moved back to that menu, while custom action items will be deleted completely.

Course Action Items with an arrow pointing to a trash can


Starting a New Goal Period

If all of the goals from a particular time period have been achieved or if you would like the class to start over in a goal period, click Start a new goal period. This will clear the selections that your students have made so that they can choose again.

An arrow pointing to Start a new Goal period under Create a New Action Item


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