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View Course Dashboard

  1. To view the Course Dashboard, start in Elements of Success and click the three line menu towards the top left of your Elements of Success window.
  2.  Select Course Dashboard.

Three line menu in Elements of Success with an arrow pointing to Course Dashboard


Summary Statistics

  • The first section will be Summary Statistics, which allows you to see overall class results.
  • The table shows the average, standard deviation, median, lower quintile, upper quintile and total for each assignment group and for the course overall.
  • You can click any of your assignment groups to the left of that table to see performance on individual assignments.
  • You can download the results by clicking Download Table as CSV in the upper right.

Summary Statistics


Student Scores

  • Student Scores allows you to see individual student estimated grades, scores for each assignment group and their total for the class.
  • To find a specific student, you can type their name into Search for a Student.
    • You can click on student names to go to that student's view of Elements of Success.
    • If a grade scheme has been set up, you will see the student's grade estimation, but students will not be able to see that unless that box has been checked in the Elements of Success course settings.
  • You can also filter by what updates students have received, and by estimated grade.
  • You can click in the student's name, or on their assignment group scores to get more details.
  • Click Download Table as CSV to download this information.
  • Just below this table, you will be able to see the percentage of students who have viewed Elements of Success for this class so far, and in the previous week.

Student Scores Dashboard


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