The University of Iowa

Course Updates

Course updates are messages that your students will see if they satisfy specific requirements related to the update. You can also add Custom Course Updates.

  • Toggle the Estimated Grade Increase switch on to add it to your course or off to remove it.

The Percentile Rank Increase with an arrow pointing to the toggle.


  • Click Advanced on an update to set a start and end date. Ongoing updates do not need start or end dates.

an arrow pointing to Advanced


  • You can make edits to the Teaser Message or the Full Message.

Arrows pointing to places to edit Teaser Message and Full Message


  • When finished editing an update, click Save Update.

an arrow pointing to Save Updates


  • Auto-Updates already set up in all courses include Estimated Grade Increase, Estimated Grade Decrease, Percentile Rank Increase, Percentile Rank Decrease, New Goal Period, and Weekly Top Files.
  • Any custom updates created by an instructor will be listed under custom updates.   


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