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ICON Gradebook and Elements of Success

All of the information from Elements of Success comes from the ICON gradebook, but there some differences in how Elements of Success uses that information to give students estimated grades. You can set up your ICON gradebook using the tips below to ensure that Elements of Success works more smoothly and accurately. Gradebook Best Practices explains more about why these settings are important.

Set Grade Policy to Manual

  • Elements of Success gives students the most accurate view of their performance when grades for all students are posted at once, instead of one at a time or in groups.
  • The default status for ICON is to automatically post grades, so you'll need to set the course grading policy to Manual.
  • When you have completely finished grading an assignment, for all students, you can manually post grades.

Set Late and Missing Work to Zero

  • Elements of Success treats missing grades as zeros, so if they are not set to zero in ICON, there could be a big difference between how total grades appear in ICON and Elements of Success.
  • Once grades are entered for all completed assignments, you can set the default grade for incomplete assignments to zero.


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