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What is Exam Scoring?


Exam Scoring offers test scoring and analysis service for objective, multiple-choice examinations. The service provides high levels of reliability, accuracy, and security.

How it works: An instructor gives an exam using the Scantron bubble sheets. Once completed, they complete the Exam Scoring Job Ticket, Exam Scoring Scramble Sheet (if any), and drop the answer key and student sheets off at the Copy Center located in C102 PBB. The Copy Center scans the student sheets and sends the reports to the instructor, or lets the instructor know the reports are ready in Instructor Tools. 

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Instructor Tools Getting Started FAQs
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Reports: The following reports are available to instructors for each exam that's scored:

Canvas Report Key Analysis
Data (student responses) Roster Report
Exam Analysis Score Graph
Incorrect Report Analysis Score Report (individual student scores: PDF, all student scores: Excel)


    Changes in Spring 2019: Instructor Tools

    On January 2, 2019, we will be implementing Instructor Tools ( for reports and edits to exams. This will mean that instructors will no longer receive score reports by email. They will receive a notification email saying the reports are ready. They will then log into Instructor Tools and generate their own reports, edit keys, edit student responses, add TAs, etc. Instructor Tools brings the following advantages to instructors:

    1. Access exams for all semesters
    2. Give bonus points to all or individual students
    3. Change the answer or point value of questions
    4. Edit/review student responses
    5. Edit/review answer keys
    6. Generate/download all or only reports you need
    7. Combine section reports
    8. Add TAs/graders/administrative assistants to help with grading.
    9. Automated key scramble

    For more information, please refer to the Instructor Tools document.

    We are pleased to inform you that with Instructor Tools, instructors now also have the ability to have And/Required functionality (see table below). This was a highly requested feature. If using this, please indicate it in the notes field of the job ticket.

    If A and B are both correct answers
    Question is marked as AND REQUIRED
    Student bubbles A or B = Partial points A or B = 0 points
    A and B = Full points A and B = Full points



    Changes to Exam Drop-off and Pick up

    Exams must be dropped off in person or in the secure lockbox located in C102 PBB.

    We will no longer return scanned exams in campus mail. This decision was made by the Academic Technology Advisory Council (ATAC) to protect student privacy/FERPA data. 

    ATAC approved that only the instructor or instructor-approved person (as indicated on the job ticket) pick up the scanned exams, and they will be required to present their University ID card at the time of pick up.

    The exam scoring job ticket has been updated as well. 

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