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Getting the Report

1. Log in at

2. From the menu to the left, use the drop-down menu to select your exam.

The reports menu with an arrow pointing to the "Select an exam" drop down menu.

3. Select the Exam Section you would like to export using the checkbox to the left of each line.

An exam in Instructor tools with an arrow pointing to the checked box by it.

4. Select the Custom tab in the lower-left section of the page.

The menu to the left with an arrow pointing to the Custom tab.

5. Select the Run button to the right of the report you wish to import to your ICON course:

  • Canvas Report will give you an individual file for each section in the course. Use this if you use a unique course/gradebook for each section in ICON.
  • Combined Canvas Report will give you a single CSV to import into a course that has had the sections combined into one course in ICON.

The custom reports tab with an arrow pointing tot he Run button after Canvas Report


ICON Gradebook - Importing the Report

This guide in the Canvas Instructor Guide ( outlines the process of importing a gradebook file in the CSV format.

The CSV that is downloaded from Instructor Tools is ready to be imported directly into ICON (Canvas).

If you edit the file in Excel prior to uploading it to ICON:

Excel will insert Byte Order Marks into the CSV, Canvas will not accept a CSV with Byte Order Marks.

To remove the characters, save the CSV in Excel in the CSV (MS-DOS) format.

Saving Canvas Import CSV


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