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Where do I get bubble/Scantron sheets?

Your departmental office may have some. You can also pick some up at the Copy Center located in 2500 UCC.

Where is the Copy Center located?

Copy Center, 2500 UCC
University Capitol Centre
200 South Capitol Street
Phone: 319-335-0861

Do I have to buy bubble/Scantron sheets?

No, you do not. The bubble sheets can be obtained for free from your departmental office or the Copy Center located in 2500 UCC.

What kinds of bubble/Scantron sheets are available?

  • Teal Half Sheet: 5 response, 115 questions
  • Green Full Sheet: 5 response, 280 questions
  • Purple Full Sheet: 10 response, 120 questions

How do I get my exam to the UCC Copy Center for scanning?

You can place the Exam Scoring Job TicketExam Scoring Scramble Sheet, answer keys and student sheets in the secure dropbox located outside 2500 UCC outside of business hours, or bring them by in person.
Please remember that you need to pick up (or arrange for another individual to pick up) your student sheet originals from the Copy Center.

Do I have to make an appointment to get my exam scored?

You do not need an appointment to have your exam scored. You can place the Exam Scoring Job TicketExam Scoring Scramble Sheet (if applicable), student sheets and answer key in in the secure dropbox located outside 2500 UCC outside of business hours, or bring them by in person.

Is there any paperwork required to get my exam scored?

Please fill out the Exam Scoring Job Ticket and Exam Scoring Scramble Sheet, if any.

How many answer keys can I have?

You can use up to 4 answers keys per exam.

Can I scramble answers between answer keys?

Yes, you can. If you do, please fill out the Exam Scoring Scramble Sheet and drop it off with the student sheets and the Exam Scoring Job Ticket.

How do I fill out the answer key?

  • An answer key is required for each exam.
  • Please use a #2 pencil to create your key(s).
  • Use the same answer sheet type as the test and indicate the correct response for each item. In the name field of the keys, leave the first column blank and then grid in “key.” This lets the scoring program know this is a key and not a student name.
  • In the Test Form box on each key, grid in the appropriate form code.

I made a mistake on the answer key. What can I do?

You can use Instructor Tools to make changes to your key, or contact the Copy Center at or 319-335-0861 with the changes to get a rescore.

Can I have more than one correct answer for a question?

Yes, you can. You can have:

  • A or B: student receives full credit if they bubble in either one.
  • A and B: student receives partial credit for bubbling in either one, and full for bubbling in both.
  • A and B (required): student receives full credit only if both are bubbled in.

Can different questions have different point values?

Yes. For example, questions 1 through 10 are worth 2 points each, and question 11 through 20 are worth 1 point each.

What information do students need to bubble in on the sheet?

Students must bubble in their name, University ID and answer key (if any) that they were given.

Q. I want all my sections combined in one report. Can that be done?

If you have a 0AAA or 0BBB section, that can be used to get a combined section report. If you don't have one of those, please inform and indicate on the Exam Scoring Job Ticket the Copy Center that you'd like your individual sections combined in one report.

I want my reports by individual sections. Can that be done?

If you want reports by individual sections, please indicate the different sections on the Exam Scoring Job Ticket.

What reports do I receive for a scored exam?

  • Canvas Report
  • Data (student responses)
  • Exam Analysis
  • Incorrect Report Analysis
  • Key Analysis
  • Roster Report
  • Score Graph
  • Score Report (individual student scores: PDF, all student scores: Excel)

Can you send the reports to my TA?

We are unable to send reports to anybody other than the instructor (as listed in MAUI) to stay FERPA-compliant.

When can I expect the scanned student sheets to be returned to me?

The sheets are available to pick up at the Copy Center once the exam has been scored. Please bring your university ID card to pick up the sheets.

Can the sheet be bubbled in with pen?

No. The sheets have to be bubbled in with pencil, preferably #2.

Can I bend or staple the answer key or student sheets?

Do not bend, staple or fold the answer key or student sheets.


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