The University of Iowa

Do I have to buy or print bubble/Scantron sheets for an exam?

Your instructor will provide you with the bubble/Scantron sheets. There is no charge for these.

What should I do to make sure my exam is scanned correctly?

A university ID must be gridded in the ID Number area of the answer sheet. All IDs must begin in box “A”. When filling in your university ID, bubble all 8 digits even if the ID begins with several zeroes. Do not use your Social Security number in place of your university ID.

  • Use #2 pencils only to mark responses. Do not use a pen.
  • Mark only one response per item.
  • If you need to erase an answer, make sure the old answer choice has no pencil marks left on it, as blurry erasures could be read as a valid response.
  • No extraneous marks should be made on the answer sheet.

Can the sheet be bubbled in with pen?

No. The sheets have to be bubbled in with pencil, preferably #2.

Can I bend or staple the answer key or student sheets?

Do not bend, staple or fold the answer key or student sheets.


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