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Much of your virtual course facilitation will happen inside of ICON or via Zoom. Whether a face-to-face or virtual classroom, being engaged is an important indicator of student success. Take advantage of technology to automate repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on key assignments and activities that will benefit from individualized attention. The following resources provide course facilitation strategies for virtual courses.  

Logistical Considerations for Preparing to Teach  

Find quick tips, support links, and other basic information for setting up your course and preparing to teach.  

Class Sessions in Zoom 

Record Your Lectures  

Before selecting one of the available recording tools, review these tips on PDF iconRecording Content at Home

Record with UICapture 

  • UI Capture allows you to record your voice, face, and screen from a laptop or tablet and post the recordings to ICON.  
  • UICapture Guides 

Record with Zoom 

Grade Online 

Virtual Office Hours 

  •  Zoom is a web conferencing tool.  
  • The Waiting Room feature prevents other students from inadvertently interrupting or overhearing private concerns.  
  • Canvas Appointment Groups can help students sign up for times within a given period to meet with you.  
  • You can also use email/Office 365 to connect with students asynchronously. 

Communicate with Teaching Assistants  

Tools for Remote Access to On-campus Resources 

  • Remote Desktop allows you to remotely access another computer through the internet. For department-managed computers, contact your local IT support provider to discuss remote desktop access. 
  • Virtual Desktop Service provides remote access to many university-licensed Windows applications from anywhere, without installing the software on your own computer.  
  • Research Remote Desktop Service provides a Windows virtual desktop environment through which users can access research data (Level 1, 2, and 3) and pre-installed analysis software. Email with questions regarding the service or what types of data can be accessed.   

Technology Solutions 

Not sure which tool will best fit your needs? Get help using technology for your classes. Contact the ITS Help Desk or the Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology.