University of Iowa

Switching to an online delivery of your class during a learning disruption will take time and flexibility.    

Adapting a course for online learning can include synchronous instruction (in which the students and instructors all meet together at the same time online); asynchronous instruction (in which students and instructors engage with the online course on their own timelines, but may still be in conversation with each other); or a combination of both. 

The first step in transforming your course is to a identify which learning objectives are essential to your course and what work students have already done. It won’t be possible to prioritize everything, but you can focus your attention on those elements that most directly enhance the overall learning objectives of the course as well as the specific learning objectives for the units covered during this disruption.    

Recognizing that, we have pulled together five essential aspects of a course that connect to particular ICON functions to help you in your redesign efforts. 

Need to change your

  • Syllabus? Use Files or Syllabus in ICON
  • Content? Use Files or Modules in ICON.
  • Assignments? Use Assignments in ICON.
  • Grading? Use Grades in ICON

To connect with students online, use Zoom


The Files area will be useful for you to share your syllabus and other content with your student, such as PDF or Excel files. Be aware that although students can access the files area, they do not have permissions to upload here. 


The Modules area of ICON gives instructors the ability to distribute content to students in a deliberate/consecutive/controlled manner.   


Assignments can be created to collect files from your student, or to create graded milestones within the course. Speedgrader enables you to give students feedback in multi-modal ways.  


The Gradebook in ICON allows you to communicate assessment of student performance, including grades and written feedback.  


Zoom allows you to connect with your students via your computer, whether you have a webcam or not.  In a Zoom meeting you can share your desktop, transfer files, or simply talk to each other.  

You can read more about ICON at the Office of Teaching, Learning and Technology's website (Links to an external site), or you can contact the ITS Help Desk (Links to an external site) with any questions about course transformation with ICON tools.