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Gradescope is an ideal tool for assessing and providing feedback for student assignments, including written formulas, graphs, calculations, and other kinds of work that cannot be easily graded through SpeedGrader. Students can upload their own hand-written work or other assignments to Gradescope. While Gradescope can be used to assess and provide feedback for high stakes exams, it is not a tool that can replace exam proctoring software, such as Proctorio or Respondus Monitor.

Delivering Assessment with Gradescope

Gradescope supports a wide range of assessment types including:

  • Fully paper-based (instructor- or student-uploaded)
  • Fully online 
  • Hybrid online/handwritten 
  • Code/Programming 
  • Essays/Reports

Multi-user Grading

Gradescope is built to allow multiple graders to grade at once. The easiest way is to have each person grading their own question, but multiple people can also grade the same question without a problem, as long as they use the Next Ungraded button to navigate. This will ensure that graders never see something that someone else is looking at or has already graded.

Syllabus Language

The blurb below (or any part of it that is relevant to your course and assignments) can be used in your course syllabus: 

We will be using Gradescope this term, which allows us to provide fast and accurate feedback on your work. Homework will be submitted through Gradescope, and homework and exam grades will be returned through Gradescope. As soon as grades are posted, you will be notified immediately so that you can log in and see your feedback. You may also submit regrade requests if you feel we have made a mistake.

Additional Assistance and Guides

Visit Gradescope's Course Workflow page to review more best practices and information.


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