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ICON Course Defaults

Once an ICON course site is created, instructors can now begin to edit and design their ICON site to suit the needs of their course. Every ICON course site has a default appearance and settings that can be modified once an instructor has access to the course site. The following content explains an ICON course site's default set-up. 

screenshot of an ICON homepage with default settings


Course Navigation Menu Default:

  1. Navigation Menu: Links on the left side of your ICON course to access different areas of the course
  2. Home: The default home page is 'Modules', learn how to manage and edit your course home page
  3. Visibility: Different areas of your course that have no content or are disabled will be hidden from students and noted by the visibility icon

Click here for a detailed description of the Course Navigation Menu.

screenshot of homepage of ICON with navigation bar and modules as homepage


Course Status

By default, an ICON course site will remain unpublished until an instructor decides that a course is ready to be viewed by students. Only then should an instructor publish their course.

Click here for more information about an Unpublished and Published course. 

screenshot of ICON course page, right hand side looking at Course Status


Course Details 

The 'Course Details' tab lets instructors manage key components of their ICON site including identification details, grading schemes, and course visibility. 

Click here for detailed descriptions about these default settings and how to manage 'Course Details'.

screen shot of an ICON course site with 'Settings' and 'Course Details' highlighted



Under 'Course Details' instructors can edit the ICON site visibility. The default setting is 'Course' which allows anyone enrolled in the course to access the ICON site. It is recommend to keep the visibility of an ICON site set to 'Course'. Please note that the option for 'Public' allows anyone with the URL to access the ICON site. 

Click here for more information about visibility options. 

screenshot of ICON Course Details highlighting Visibility


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