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What is ICON Direct?

ICON Direct is a way to provide students course content through their ICON course sites, at a price that has been negotiated by the Unizin consortium. ICON Direct is an Inclusive Access program, also known in some schools as "Digital Direct" or "All Students Acquire," that provides access to eTexts and Online Learning Platforms automatically to all the students enrolled in a course. The "inclusive" aspect of the model means that every student has the same materials on the first day of class, with the charge added to their U-Bill.

For more information, please read "What is ICON Direct?"

How much does this cost?

The amount charged will depend on the content selected.

Where are my courses in the Order Tool?

Courses and Instructor information in the Order Tool interface come from MAUI.  A course must be in the "approved" state in MAUI before it will display in the Order Tool.

When can I order?

Semester Order Period Begins Order Period Ends
Fall 2020 March 1, 2020 July 31, 2020
Winter 2020 September 11, 2020 November 30, 2020
Spring 2021 September 11, 2020 December 22, 2020

How do I order?

The ICON Direct Order Tool is online. Login with your HawkID credentials.
Documentation and online help are available at the Order Tool Knowledge Base, or you can contact the ITS Help Desk with questions.

I teach a lecture with many discussion sections, do I place an order for all of them?

You don’t need to place content orders for each section, but it would be helpful to add a note the discussion sections’ descriptions to advise students that an electronic textbook is associated with the course.  Something as comprehensive as “Students registering for this discussion section need to be aware of the requirements of the associated lecture section.” would be helpful.

Do TAs have access to ICON Direct eTexts?

If they are a TA in MAUI, they will have instructor access to the eText in ICON Direct.

How do I see the students that have opted out?

Instructions on how to see a list of the students who have opted out of the inclusive access content for your course are available here.

Students - Where is the eText?

Access to your eText in your ICON course site. Look for the Unizin Engage link, or a link to the textbook publisher in your course navigation menu.

Students - How do I take notes in the eText?

For information on how to use the Engage eReader, please read "Getting Started with the ICON Direct eReader."

Students - What if I don't want this content?

All students have a right not to participate, which is referred to as opting out. If a student chooses not to participate, access to the digital course material will be removed after the "Last day for tuition & fee reduction" deadline of the class, and the student will be responsible to find the required course material by other means.

Students - What if I already have the book?

If you already have purchased an eTextbook through ICON Direct during a previous semester, you do not need to pay for it again, you will still be able to access the content through ICON for as long as you are enrolled at the university. 

If you have already purchased access to an Online Learning Platform, such as McGraw Hill Connect or Cengage Mindtap, your duration access will vary.

If you already have the book in physical form, please feel free to opt out.

Students - What if I drop the class?

If you drop the class before the "Last day for tuition & fee reduction" deadline, you will not be charged. Visit the Registrar's website on course deadlines for more information.


If you have further questions, or would like more information about ICON Direct, please contact the ITS Help Desk or


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