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Getting Started with the ICON Direct Engage eReader

Digital content delivered through the ICON Direct program can be either an eText or an online learning platform. If the content selected by the instructor is an eText, it will be delivered through the Unizin Engage eReader. 


Key Features of the Engage eReader 

NOTE: The Unizin Engage reader works best online, in Firefox or Chrome.

In Engage, instructors may:
•    Organize content 
•    Highlight passages that are shared to the entire course.
•    Interact with students through their online learning material
•    View student reading analytics

In Engage, students may:
•    Highlight & take notes on text passages
•    View instructor notes and highlights
•    Post/Answer questions
•    Print up to 50 pages at a time
•    Access texts on up to 5 devices, including mobile phones
•    View texts offline

Accessing Engage

You will find a link to Unizin Engage in your ICON Course Site. 
Click that link and you will see a list of your courses using the Engage eReader and the materials that are available for each course. 
Click the material you want to open and start reading.


Reading in Engage

When you open a textbook or other reading material, most of your tools appear in the toolbar at the top of the screen.

Engage eReader menu

For further information about the Engage eReader, please visit the Engage Knowledge Base.  

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