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What if I don't want this content?

All students have a right not to participate, which is referred to as opting out. Students can choose to opt out before the Registrar’s “Last day for tuition & fee reduction” deadline for their class. In most cases, the opt out period will be within the first two weeks of the semester. Access to the digital course materials will be removed once this hard deadline has passed. The student will then be responsible to find the required course material by other means.

How do I know if a course is using ICON Direct?

All ICON Direct orders are displayed in the MyUI course listing automatically after the instructor or department administrator places the orders.

What if I already have the book?

If you already have the book in physical form, please feel free to opt out.

If you already have purchased an eTextbook through ICON Direct during a previous semester, you do not need to pay for it again, you will still be able to access the content through ICON for as long as you are enrolled at the university. The Student Choice platform will show your content as previously paid. You do not need to opt out to avoid a charge for this content.

If you have already purchased access to an Online Learning Platform, such as McGraw Hill Connect or Cengage Mindtap, your duration access will vary.

What if I'm auditing the class?

ICON Direct course materials are required and as course specific charges, are not part of any tuition or mandatory fees waived.  Students registered with an auditing status may follow opt-out procedures prior to the deadline for their course.

What if I drop the class?

If you officially complete the drop process for the class before the "Last day for tuition & fee reduction" deadline, you will not be charged. Dropping the class after the “Last day for tuition & fee reduction” deadline will not result in a refund. Due to the non-returnable nature of digital materials, once a student has had active access after the deadline, no refunds or returns are possible.

Visit the Registrar's website on course deadlines for more information.

Where is the eText?

Access to your eText in your ICON course site. Look for the ICON Direct eTexts link, or a link to the textbook publisher in your course navigation menu.

How do I take notes in the eText?

For information on how to use the ICON Direct eTexts eReader, please read Getting Started with the ICON Direct eReader.

What are some of the benefits of ICON Direct?

  • Students get their required course materials automatically delivered at a discounted price.
  • Every student enrolled has equitable access to content on the first day of class.
  • By delivering content through the ICON course site, ICON Direct ensures all students have access to their content in a common, easily accessed location. 
  • Students have a trial period (typically the first two weeks of a sixteen-week class) where they have access to the course book before the charges are placed.


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