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As costs of attending college continue to rise, the University of Iowa is trying to find new ways to help alleviate the cost for course content. As part of the Affordable Content Initiative, ICON Direct has been created to provide students with electronic course materials at a price provided with a Unizin consortial advantage.

Being prepared with course materials positively contributes to a student's academic success. As a founding member of the Unizin Consortium, the University of Iowa aims to provide students with more affordable access to course content. The partnerships between Unizin and major academic publishers allow ICON Direct participants to save on both eTexts and online learning platforms such as Pearson's MyLab, McGraw Hill's Connect, Cengage, MacMillan, and more. Publishers can offer significant discounts for inclusive access orders because whole classes are automatically signed up for these materials.  All enrolled students are given access to these digital materials for their classes through ICON. 

ICON Direct will also enable students to access their required eTexts before the first day of class.  Access to eTexts through the Engage eReader will persist for the length of a student's enrollment at the University of Iowa.  Access to online learning platforms is dependent on the subscription term adopted by instructors for the course. All students enrolled for this class will be billed by the Iowa Hawk Shop after the course begins, unless they opt out from this program prior to the deadline for the course.  Students may select to opt out of the ICON Direct program, however this decision may have repercussions to a student's success in the course.

The University of Iowa is excited and eager to continue implementing ICON Direct into more courses starting Fall 2018 in order to continue reducing the cost of textbooks for our students. For questions and more information about how to incorporate ICON Direct into your courses contact

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