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ICON Direct: Glossary of Affordable Content Terms

Glossary of Terms for the University of Iowa's Affordable Content Initiative


Common Definition or Description


At Iowa, the ICON Direct eReader used is Unizin’s Engage tool.

Getting Started with the ICON Direct eReader:


Online textbooks, pdf files, notes, etc. that are delivered digitally via the learning management system.


Online textbook


The University of Iowa’s learning management system, currently powered by Canvas.

ICON Direct

The University of Iowa’s storefront for accessing online textbooks and online learning platforms through ICON.

Inclusive Access

Inclusive access, also known in some schools as "Digital Direct" or "All Students Acquire" is a model of course content delivery that provides access to eTexts and online learning platforms (such as Mastering Chemistry or MyMathLab) automatically to the students enrolled in specific courses.


The instructor view of Iowa’s student information system.


The student view of Iowa’s student information system.

Online Learning Platform

This typically refers to all-inclusive learning systems such as Pearson’s Mastering Chemistry, McGraw-Hill’s Connect, Cengage MindTap, etc.

Open Educational Resources

Freely or low cost accessible online licensed text, media, etc. used for teaching, learning and research.

Opt Out

Students will automatically be given access to ICON Direct, but have the option to opt out if they choose though it is not recommended.

Unizin’s Order Tool

Instructors will order ICON Direct materials through the ICON Direct Order Tool. The content available in the Order Tool is from the publishers that have signed a consortium-level contract with Unizin.


Organizational Units Partnering on Affordable Content at The University of Iowa

Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology

Includes units who support teaching and learning

The Iowa Hawk Shop

The University of Iowa’s bookstore

The University of Iowa Libraries

ITS Administrative Information Systems

The Administrative Information Systems (AIS) department provides information technology solutions and services which enhance the administrative operations of The University of Iowa business, collegiate, academic and service units. This unit helps support ICON and MAUI.


Registrar’s Office


The Unizin Consortium provides solutions for critical issues facing higher education institutions today:  learner success, access, and affordability. Unizin tools and services empower Member Institutions to leverage their collective expertise in directly confronting these challenges.



Indiana University eTextbook with contributions from Iowa, Oregon State, Minnesota and Ohio State

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