University of Iowa

I know my answers were correct. Why is my quiz score so low?

Your quiz may include long-answer questions, which cannot be graded automatically. Points for these items will not be added to the total score until your instructor has manually graded them.


How can I find my quiz results?

Your instructor decides when quiz results are displayed, if at all, and what data (student responses, correct answers, etc.) students can see. If your instructor has made the quiz results available immediately, they will be displayed automatically as soon as you submit your quiz.


If you have any questions regarding your course contact that instructor first before contacting the Help Desk.

The instructor of the course is the owner of the content and responsible for when and what you can see. It is also important that they are aware of any issues that may be going on with there course. The Help Desk may have the ability to resolve the issue but the permission to do so must come from the instructor which is why we suggest contacting them first.