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The Canvas community guides are full of answers for your ICON questions.

For further assistance you can email the ITS Help Desk:


FAQ Guides


This FAQ page offers information about the ICON gradebook, contacting students through ICON, instructor permissions, ICON Quiz accessbility, and more.


This FAQ page offers students insights into finding and logging into an ICON course, as well as how to navigate Files, Discussions, Quizzes, and personal settings.

Integrated Services

This guide covers ICON integrations that are fully supported by the ITS Help Desk and ICON Team as well as those that are vendor supported.

FERPA Check Process

This FAQ page details what the FERPA Check Process is and how it works.

Guest HawkID Account 

This guide covers the process for sending guest HawkID accounts to external users.

Canvas Community

This guide covers how to access Canvas Community, vote for and create feature ideas, as well as how ideas are selected.

ICON Administrators

This guide page addresses topics relevant to ICON administrators, including Collegiate Admin access, administrative conventions, the ICON/MAUI sync cycle, and more.

ICON Analytics Tools Comparison

This page contains a chart comparing the analytics tools currently available within ICON.


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