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ICON Analytics Tools Comparison

ICON uses a number of analytics tools to measure the data reflecting student engagement and success in a course. Below is a chart comparing the analytics tools currently available within ICON. The comparisons include what the students or instructors can measure using each tool as well as information on how the tools work in ICON. The tools listed in this table are Elements of Success and ICON data reports and new analytics from Canvas.
  Elements of Success ICON Data Reports New Analytics from Canvas
How often does data update?  Every two hours Every 48 hours Every 24 hours
Types of data included?  Gradebook data currently, pageviews on roadmap Gradebook, discussions Gradebook, pageviews, frequency of student/instructor communication
How do I get started with it? Contact OTLT-RA for a consult  Available in ICON  Available in ICON 
Current grade estimation? Yes No No
Student resources? Yes, default resources and instructor-defined ones  No No
Instructor facing       
Grade distribution report shows? Yes, shows median and mean Only distribution  Yes, mean 
Export data? Yes Yes Yes
Messaging features? Yes No Yes
Compare students, sections, and overall course  No Yes Yes
Student facing       
View own data  Yes Yes, if the instructor shares it  Yes
View comparative data  Yes Yes, if the instructor shares it  No
Goal setting Yes No No


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