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  1. Welcome to MAUI in ICON
  2. MAUI & ICON Permissions
  3. Getting Started with the Course Combiner
  4. Becoming Familiar with the MAUI Class List
  5. Sending Emails Through the Class List
  6. Display of Student's Time Zone
  7. Exporting Grades to MAUI
  8. Impersonating an Instructor

Welcome to MAUI in ICON

MAUI in ICON is an application that gives instructors a simplified view of MAUI directly inside their ICON site to help manage their course. Features useful to instructors at the start of the semester have been included here such as those that help to combine course sections and those that help familiarize the instructor(s) with students in the classroom. Some features of the application included here are student name pronunciation, preferred pronouns, emailing the class-list, photo, and student's primary program of study.


MAUI & ICON Permissions

Only courses that are created automatically through the University registrar system MAUI can use this tool.

If you have an instructor or TA role within the MAUI registrar system and in ICON, all features of this tool will be available. 

If you have instructor to TA role within ICON but not in MAUI, you'll only be able to access the Course Combiner tool.

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Getting Started with the Course Combiner

Previously you could only Combine or "Cross List" courses in ICON using a process described here.  This process has been simplified using the MAUI in ICON tool.  As an Instructor you can click on the Course Combiner menu item and it will show you all of the courses that you are enrolled as the Teacher.  To combine the courses on the right column with the current course you are viewing shown on the left, click and drag them from the right column to the left column.  Then click the Combine button.  Drag the course from the left column to the right column to uncombine.   In the upper right corner you can search for courses from either the current semester or other semesters using the drop down menu to combine into your course.

Course Combine Tool

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Features of Course Combiner:

  1. Displays the Instructor(s) of the course as well as the number of students enrolled for the course you are viewing.
  2. If you have a large number of courses this Search box can help you locate them.  When you type in content here the available courses with that criteria will list out in right column in the picture above, labeled as 5.
  3. This dropdown menu allows you to view previous or future semesters.  The course list from that semester will display in the right column above, labeled as 5.
  4. This shows the course that you are currently viewing in ICON, which is greyed out.  This course cannot be uncombined.  Any other courses here in white are courses that have already been mapped to the current course.
  5. These are courses that are available to be combined into the current course.  The courses that are already combined (and the current course you are in) are greyed out.  The courses that show as white are available to be combined to the course list on the left.

How to Combine Courses:
  1. Click and drag the course you wish to combine from the right column and drop it into to the left column. 
  2. A confirmation message will pop up saying this was done. 
  3. You will now see the course on the left column as white and it will be in grey on the right.

Course Combine

How to Uncombine Courses:
  1. Click and drag the course you wish to uncombine from the left column and drop it into the right column. 
  2. A confirmation message will pop up saying this was done. 
  3. You will now see the course on the right column as white and it will no longer show up on the left column.

Course Uncombine


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Becoming Familiar with the MAUI Class List

MAUI Class List Details


Class List Features:

  1. General information about the class including the Instructor name and how many students are enrolled in the class.
  2. Dropdown menu of all of the sections that have been combined within ICON.
  3. A search bar to search for a student using their specific information, ie name or email address.
  4. In the Options Menu is where you export/download the class list.  Your options for download are the .CSV (comma separated values), Excel, PDF or Photos for the export.  This menu is also where you will find the Email Class List option.
  5. Checkbox to show the student photos in the class list.  In the example above the box is checked so you can see the photos for the students.
  6. The name pronunciation service, Lingo, provides an option for students to record themselves pronouncing their names so that it can be played back.
  7. The email address of the student is listed here.  You can click on it to send the student a direct email from your default email application.
  8. Displays the students preferred pronouns.
  9. Displays the time zone that the student has set for their ICON profile.

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Display of Student's Time Zone

When students are working from remote locations, it is helpful for the Instructor to know their time zones, as this can be helpful in scheduling more convenient meeting times or activity deadlines. When an ICON user sets their time zone preference for their ICON profile, then the MAUI in ICON tool has the “Time Zone” column that shows the instructor what time zone the student has set.

Instructions on how to set the time zones for students can be found at

Sending Emails Through the Class List

Instructors who wish to email their class from their ICON course can use the email feature from the options menu within the MAUI in ICON application:

  1. Select the Options drop-menu.
  2. Choose Email Class List.



Email Class List Features:

An ICON course does not need to be published in order for email messages to be sent out. Emails can be sent to only one section at a time despite cross listing multiple courses into one site. 

  1. Choose to include the instructors of your course alongside students in your class email.
  2. Title your message with an appropriate subject header.
  3. Insert your message description using the rich content editor. Edit the content using links, tables, media, and special formatting.
  4. Append files to your message for individuals to download. These items will be sent to the recipients as links rather than as true attachments.
  5. Emails sent to the class will be sent out to students individually, so other students' names or email addresses will not be shared.

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Exporting Grades to MAUI

Note: This process was formerly completed using the "Export final grades to MAUI" tool in ICON.

Clicking on the Grades menu item will take you to a MAUI login page where you can go through the process to export your grades.  Instructions on how to enter final grades to MAUI can be found here:  Begin at step 3 on those instructions. 

Grades Menu


Note: If the MAUI login page does not load you may have a pop-up blocker enabled on your web browser. 

If you are using the Chrome browser, you will get an icon on the top right of the address bar.  You can click on the icon and select the "Always allow pop-ups and redirects from" radio button, then click Done, see image below.  You may have to refresh the page after clicking Done.



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Impersonating an Instructor

Note: This is only available for ICON users with the Collegiate Admin L1 role.

Within the MAUI in ICON menu, you can choose the Impersonate option.  This will bring up the Impersonate Instructor box, seen below:  

  1. Simply enter the HawkID of the Instructor you wish to impersonate. 
  2. Click the Impersonate button.

Impersonate Menu


When you want to stop impersonating: 

  1. Click the Menu dropdown list
  2. Select Logout.

Impersonate Logout


After logging out you will be taken to the tool login page, where you can choose to log in again:

  1. Click the HawkID Login button to enter in your credential to log in again.


  1. Click another ICON tool from the Navigation Menu.
  2. Select the MAUI in ICON tool item in the Navigation Menu.


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