University of Iowa

ShareStream in ICON

ShareStream content is accessible in several different ways and spans many different forms. Below you will learn the most common ways ShareStream is used in ICON. Please use this guide as a way to identify if you have any ShareStream content in your course.

To view the content you have in ShareStream:

  1. Log in to with your hawkID
  2. Click on ICON Courses to expand the list of folders/collections
  3. Click on the folder to view the media you have in that folder  



1. This is how ShareStream Pick-n-Play appears in a course. If you see any content on this page, then you know you have content in ShareStream that can be migrated by our Support team.


ShareStream Pick-n-Play along with ICON Course Site Navigation



2. ShareStream MediaManager is a lesser known and seldom used part of ShareStream. If you cannot find this in ICON, you can also navigate to and log in. There, you will find every Course Collection you have access to in ICON. Content you are the owner of here are also content our Support team can migrate.


ShareStream MediaManager as it is seen in an ICON course.


Rich Content Editor in ICON

3. Lastly, ShareStream content may have been added through any of the many available Rich Content Editors in ICON. This is commonly seen posted in a course's Module section, most likely as a Page.


ShareStream in the Rich Content Editor.