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Installation of New WolfVision Document Cameras

May 13, 2021

While most UCRs already are equipped with document cameras, approximately 180 will now be updated to the modern WolfVision vSolution Cam. The vSolution Cam, currently available in select classrooms across campus, will be replacing older doc cams that had a much larger lectern footprint and, in some cases, struggled to easily integrate with hybrid learning environments/situations. Anne Schimke, an LST Senior IT Support Consultant, says, the “new WolfVision document cameras have no issues with burned out lamps because they now use LEDs and they also lack some of the occasional power and USB issues of previous versions,” therefore the reliability of the WolfVision doc cams is expected to make a difference to end users and support staff.

The vSolution Cam can be manually controlled if needed; however, it is wholly automatic in operation, with LED lighting that requires no adjustment. Offering 1080p high resolution output at 30 frames per second, the vSolution Cam can provide up to a 4x optical image zoom or a 10x digital image zoom. Faculty and students, both online and in classrooms, are likely to find these new WolfVision document cameras are easy to use and work reliably well while producing excellent image fidelity. There’s also an expected improvement in the reliability of the WolfVision doc cam with zoom integration.

WolfVision vSolutions Document Camera

These new document cameras are particularly effective when integrated into online or hybrid environments using Zoom, Panopto/UICapture, and Teams, as they “take advantage of the USB Video Class standard,” according to Tino Kaltsas, LST Associate Director. Essentially, there’s an expectation that the new WolfVision document camera device will provide an overall sense of reliability and effectiveness.

Regarding their installation and A/V integration, Bryan Cooling, an LST IT Support Analyst, says, “adding new doc cams in rooms with Extron’s MLC 226 push-button media controllers will be easy because you’re just going to add to an input, but in other rooms with complex touch screen controllers, you’re needing advanced control, and this requires Ethernet control programming that could involve getting a local scope IP. So, unfortunately, you can’t just take an old one out and put a new one in and walk away having 100% compatibility and function.” Though, Cooling is certain that the move to the new WolfVision vSolution Cam, “is a smart one because it’s much better, with a smaller footprint, no folding arm, better visuals, and just more reliable.”


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