The University of Iowa

The Instructional Analytics Platform (IAP) is a comprehensive and customizable analytics tool designed to help instructors make data-informed decisions about their teaching. The IAP generates near real-time reports to answer course-specific questions so instructors can create supportive learning environments that engage students while also identifying those who may be struggling in a course.

By pulling data from multiple technology tools used in a course (e.g., ICON, Zoom, Panopto, and online homework platforms), the IAP provides instructors with a deeper understanding of their students’ backgrounds and learner variability and offers insight into students’ engagement with materials and tools.

Below, you can view a sample IAP to explore some of the data and visual elements that can be provided. More data can be provided based on individual questions and needs. All data and student names shown in this demo site have been simulated for demonstration purposes.

If you teach a large course (more than 100 students) and are interested in piloting the Instructional Analytics Platform, email the Research & Analytics Team