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Access to proper technology is critical for students to complete courses successfully. Knowledge of your students’ device usage will help you in the selection of learning materials and adoption of appropriate technology in your course.  

This report provides data on the devices used by the University of Iowa students to interact with ICON in spring 2020. The report aggregates data from the 425 million events generated by 29,724 students who logged into ICON at least once in spring 2020. Data is presented at two different time points: before and after the transition to remote instruction.  

You can use filters to view specific student device information by college and academic program. Please note that no data is shown for groups with fewer than 10 students. 


EDUCAUSE has conducted research on information technology (IT) and undergraduate students’ device access, use, and academic success. One of the key findings was that although a majority of students said their instructors use technology to enhance their pedagogy, improve communication, and carry out course tasks, there are limitations when it comes to personal device use.

To access this study, click here.

Reflection question 

Do your students use appropriate device(s) to access learning materials and participate in course activities? 

If you would like to know how students used technology in a specific course or have any questions about this information, please contact Research and Analytics team.