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How many documents can I upload to iThenticate?

Individual document uploads will vary, but there is a university-wide limit of 5,000 documents.

What happens if my submission gets flagged for similarity matches?

Nothing. iThenticate is a proactive tool to assess plagiarism potential and is for the benefit of those who use it; you will not be reported.

Can I reupload a submission?

Documents uploaded for a Similarity Check will have the ability to reupload (using the resubmission button). As long as the document content changes are not more than 60% from the original submission, you are allowed up to three resubmissions per document.

Can I use Turnitin? 

Turnitin works best for students and classroom work. iThenticate was created for academic professionals. Learn more about the differences and similarities between Turnitin and iThenticate with this comparison page

Can iThenticate detect ChatGPT and other AI writing systems?

iThenticate/Turnitin is creating a resource to address ChatGPT content detection. iThenticate will continue to implement updates to address AI writing systems as updates become available.

Where can I learn more?

Visit iThenticate's FAQ page for more information and answers to your questions.


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