University of Iowa

Why move to Kaltura? 

Kaltura consolidates several digital media services (ShareStream, Adobe Streaming Server, Podcast server) into one platform with increased functionality for faculty and staff. 

Kaltura also opens up new opportunities for staff and departments to promote video on MediaSpace, a university video platform.  


Who can use Kaltura? 

Instructors and students can use Kaltura within ICON, for both academic and non-academic use.

MediaSpace, the public-facing side of Kaltura, is more focused on external outreach and promotion.  


What about FERPA and HIPAA? 

Kaltura is certified for FERPA-protected data, and is not certified for HIPAA protected data (PHI, PII, etc.).  


How do I know if I was using ShareStream? 

Visit Identifying ShareStream Content for help determining if you were using ShareStream. 


How long will my media stay in Kaltura?

Kaltura has a built-in retention tool, which automatically cleans up content that has not been watched in four years. 

After two years of not being watched, different versions of a video are removed (high-def, mobile, etc) while the original video file is kept.  If the video is not watched for another two years after that point, it is deleted from the system. 

If a video is watched at any point during the four years, the "clean up clock" resets, and the video is kept in the system. 

This retention policy has been approved by the Academic Technology Advisory Council


How do I upload videos to Kaltura? 

Instructors and students can upload videos to Kaltura by: 

  • Uploading videos through their browser
  • Recording a video with their computer's webcam 
  • Recoding a video with their mobile device
  • Recording their desktop with the Kaltura Capture application 


Does Kaltura have captions?

All videos uploaded to Kaltura will have mechanical captions generated automatically for free.  Users are encouraged to review and edit captions for clarity and content.  

Kaltura also provides options for human-based captioning, which involves a fee.

See for more information about the UI Web Captioning policy.