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Frequently Asked Questions

What is happening to Kaltura?

The University of Iowa has shut down the central media sharing platform Kaltura. Video content currently located in Kaltura is being migrated to UICapture. Content from Sharestream has been moved to UICapture and can be found within My Folder > Kaltura Migration.

After reviewing Kaltura’s data usage and consulting with multiple stakeholders, including governance and advisory groups and Kaltura users, it was determined that UICapture (Panopto) can meet current and future needs of the university. 

In recent years, the UICapture service has evolved significantly to offer video content management features beyond traditional lecture capture. The service includes video quizzing, captioning, instructor-facing analytics, and options for non-academic uses. In addition, UICapture has proven to be a reliable platform, with a high adoption rate at Iowa.


What can I use instead of Kaltura to host videos?

You can host video using UICapture (Panopto) instead of Kaltura.  


What is UICapture (Panopto)?

UICapture (Panopto) allows users to create, upload, edit, and view videos. Users can record videos in their web browsers or with the UICapture app, and they can record camera and screen content from multiple sources. UICapture includes editing and auto-caption options. It also allows users to easily share videos with others, especially in ICON.


How long can I continue to use Kaltura?

Kaltura will be available through summer 2021. Starting in the fall 2021 semester, any new content should be uploaded to UICapture. Content was migrated from Kaltura to UICapture during the fall 2021 semester. Kaltura My Media was removed from ICON on Dec. 1, 2021, and new uploads are turned off at this time.


Kaltura Capture

Do not use Kaltura Capture to record media. Instead, use UICapture tools, such as Panopto Desktop Recorder or Panopto Capture, to record media.


How will I add video content to my ICON course without Kaltura Media Gallery and My Media?

You can use UICapture to record and upload videos that will be available in your ICON course. You can check out these UICapture guides for more information about adding UICapture to your ICON course and creating and uploading content with UICapture.


What will happen to the Kaltura MediaSpace?

As Kaltura has been decommissioned, the Kaltura MediaSpace site is unavailable.


Where will my Sharestream content be moved to?

Content from Sharestream has been moved to the Kaltura Migration folder within your My Folder in UICapture (My Folder > Kaltura Migration).


Does UICapture/Panopto offer an equivalent to MediaSpace?

UICapture does offer college and departmental pages. Contact the ITS Help Desk for assistance.


Can I embed UICapture videos in Drupal?

SiteNow v2 and v3 support embedding videos from UI Capture (Panopto). To learn more, visit the SiteNow UICapture documentation page.


The following types of content have been moved from Kaltura to UICapture:

  • Video files uploaded to Kaltura (through My Media in ICON, to MediaSpace, etc.)
  • Video files recorded using Kaltura Capture
  • Closed caption files and transcripts will be migrated with their corresponding videos
  • Audio files
  • PowerPoints (will be converted to video files)
  • Keynotes (will be converted to video files)
  • Video tags
  • Video descriptions
  • Videos from Video Quizzes (but not Video Quiz questions)
  • Videos migrated from ShareStream

You will need to move it your ICON Course folder, then re-embed it in ICON.


The following content did not migrate from Kaltura to UICapture:

  • YouTube videos embedded in a Kaltura player. Users can move their YouTube videos to Panopto.
  • Images or other non-media files
  • Discussions, PDFs, images, notes, video comments, video links, in-video quizzes, video analytics, video permissions, and document attachments
  • Kaltura folder names will not migrate to Panopto.

You can check out our resources for moving Kaltura Content to UICapture.


What do I need to do after the content is migrated?

It is the responsibility of faculty and staff to:

  • Navigate to UICapture (Panopto) to view videos.
  • Re-embed and re-link videos in ICON, web pages, or other online locations.
  • Rebuild quizzes using the UICapture quiz tool.
  • Move or copy videos to folders of their choosing to UICapture.
  • Review and set user permissions for UICapture folders and videos.
  • Use UICapture for all media management needs.

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology can provide pre-migration assistance, please contact the ITS Help Desk.


What happened to the video sharing permissions that were set for Kaltura videos?

All videos moved from Kaltura to UICapture will be set as private to the video owner. Unfortunately, there isn't a way to migrate sharing permissions from Kaltura to UICapture. See How to Share a Folder and How to Share a Video for steps on how to share UICapture content.


How can I make the switch from Kaltura to UICapture?

Content in Kaltura was migrated to UICapture during the fall 2021 semester. Trainings for using UICapture will be held throughout the year. Users can also reach out the ITS Help Desk to request help or training.


Who do I contact with questions?

If you have questions about the Kaltura migration or using UICapture, you can contact the ITS Help Desk.





June and beyond

Online trainings on how to use UICapture.

 Aug. 16, 2021

The ability to upload new content into Kaltura will be turned off.

Fall 2021

Users can still access Kaltura My Media but should not create or upload any new media in Kaltura My Media.

September 2021

Kaltura conversion and migration begin.

December 2021

Migrated Kaltura content is available in UICapture.

Dec. 1, 2021

Kaltura My Media is no longer accessible in ICON; final migration begins.

Dec. 28, 2021

Kaltura integration in ICON removed, MediaSpace URL forwarded to Kaltura - Migration to UICapture.


UICapture (Panopto) Information

How do I make a video assignment in UICapture?

Instructors can create video upload assignments in ICON using UICapture, and students can submit video to that assignment in ICON. Alternatively, instructors can create a video submission folder for students to upload their videos to UICapture directly.


How can I use UICapture to release videos students upload to the rest of the course?

When instructors create a video submission folder, they can allow students to view other student submissions after reviewing the video.


Elevated Access to UICapture

Visit UICapture - Collegiate Admin Access for more information on elevated access/collegiate admin access in UICapture.


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