The University of Iowa

Learning Spaces Technologies [LST] provides technology consulting, design, installation, training, management and support for University Classrooms [UCRs], Instructional Technology Centers [ITCs], TILE classrooms, conference centers, learning commons and select other technology services across campus.

LST engineering, support, and student teams form a group dedicated to supporting the teaching, learning, research and outreach goals of our campus faculty, students and staff.

Learning Spaces Services

The Learning Spaces Technology group provides design, installation and support for state-of-the-art technology in campus learning spaces through the following available services:

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Chris Clark IT Director, Learning Spaces Technology Director

Robert Butler Assistant Director, Learning Spaces Support

Bryan Cooling IT Support Consultant

Andrew Drzycimski A/V Engineer

Ashley Glassberg-Nazette Senior IT Support Consultant

Phil Gugliuzza Assistant Director, A/V Engineering

Aaron Krutsinger A/V Engineer

Mark Mueller A/V Engineer

Drew Riggs Associate A/V Engineer

Paul Ross Communications Infrastructure Architect

Anne Schimke Senior IT Support Consultant

LST Support Students

Tricia Roberts LST Senior Audiovisual Lead

Sabrina Hubbard LST Senior Audiovisual Lead

Krushi Patel LST Audiovisual Associate

Brandon Ignacio-Castillo LST Audiovisual Associate

Bryce Fitzanko LST Audiovisual Associate

Sydney Tune LST Audiovisual Associate

Kaleb Curtis LST Audiovisual Assistant

Anant Sheth LST Audiovisual Associate

Freya Hofferber LST Audiovisual Lead

Kalyn Zitsch LST Audiovisual Assistant

Gia Gonzalez LST Audiovisual Assistant

Liam Wells LST Audiovisual Assistant

Megan Wilson LST Audiovisual Assistant

Aspyn Khalif LST Audiovisual Assistant


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