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Learning Spaces Technology 2021 Updates

May 13, 2021

The LST group has been preparing campus learning spaces for faculty and students throughout the academic year. Much of the learning space planning and design conducted throughout the pandemic has been informed by the needs of end users attempting to navigate the hybrid educational and conferencing environment created in the wake of the pandemic.

Though the Pandemic has taken a tragic global toll, the LST group has focused on remaining optimistic and found some additional benefit in waiting to fully reopen campus until the Fall. Anne Schimke, an LST Senior IT Support Consultant, says, “the wait until Fall to reopen campus from the pandemic has allowed us more access to get into learning spaces and to complete scheduled work.”

University Classroom AV

As the Fall semester gets closer, Bryan Cooling, an LST IT Support Analyst, would like to:

encourage instructors to come check out their rooms before the first day of Fall classes, not just because of the updates and changes, but especially since it’s been a while since many have been in their classrooms. Just get in there and try it out. Put the A/V system through its paces, and you never know if you encounter a bug in system that you could let us know about ahead of time, or even just let us know if something’s just not quite right.

With the many changes occurring throughout the campus, and in classrooms, as well as the upcoming return for many faculty, students, and staff this Fall semester from the Pandemic lockdown, it figures to be an incredibly exciting time to be back on campus.


Visit the COVID-19: Classroom Experience site for additional information regarding University Classroom expectations for the 2021 Fall semester.

For information regarding the COVID-19 Operational Response for Custodial Services, Building Operations and Maintenance and/or the UI Operational Plan for Cleaning and Disinfecting of Building Spaces, please visit the Facilities Management.

For assistance with classroom technology issues, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 384-HELP [4357] or

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