The University of Iowa

The Office of Teaching, Learning & Technology maintains five Media Capture Kits for short-term loan to University of Iowa instructors. Instructors can contact Learning Spaces Technology via email or phone (319-335-6304) to reserve a Media Capture Kit or Green Screen for up to a week.

On the day your reservation begins, you can collect your kit at the Jessup Hall Service Center (B4 JH) during normal business hours. When you're done, simply return it to that location.

Media Capture Kits 

Green Screen Kit

Using Media Capture Kits

  • Be sure to log in to the Surface before leaving campus to ensure your HawkID will login off campus.
  • All devices can be connected, charged, and powered via the included USB hub.
  • The Logitech camera is mounted to a mini-tripod. Experiment with different camera placements and heights to minimize glare from glasses and to make eye contact with the camera.
  • The Lumecubes are bright. We recommend setting them farther away or at a 5 to 15% brightness setting.
    • Placing a folded sheet of paper or another minimally opaque material over the light helps to diffuse it for improved recording.
  • For Panopto recordings of courses and lectures, we recommend using the Shure condenser mic instead of the headset or webcam mic. Tips for using the Shure condenser mic: 
    • This microphone is sensitive and requires a quite space for optimal recording.
    • For optimal voice recording, select the “talk bubble” setting located on the top of the microphone. 
    • To monitor the recording volume, plug in an old pair of headphones into the back of the microphone.