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My Video Projector Is Not Turning On. What Can I Do?

Troubleshooting points for common projector issues

  • The following is a list of probable causes for the Video projector not turning on.

    These suggestions are generic since the A/V system varies from room to room or building to building.




The ‘Temp” light on the projector is on.

The projector has overheated and will need a manual reset.

  • Unplug the projectors electrical cord for about 5 seconds the plug it back in.
  • Restart the room A/V system.
  • If issues still persist contact or the hotline at 5-1976 for assistance.

The projectors lamp is burnt out.

Projector lamp has reached end of life.

There is no picture on the screen.

A signal from the A/V source is being restricted from displaying on the A/V destination.

  • Switch sources and then switch back. If PC is the source selected, switch to DVD (make sure DVD is turned on, DVD logo should be displayed), wait a few seconds and switch back to PC.
  • Make sure equipment you are using is turned on.
  • Check that the system is not Pic Muted. Projectors fan will be running and a faint light may be seen from the lens.
  • Shut down the system and restart.Systems that are inactive for a period of time will shut down and cause the projector to be out of sync with the system.
  • If issues still persist contact or the hotline at 5-1976 for assistance.


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