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The Learning Spaces Technology group provides technology consultations, design, installation, training, management and support of One Button Studios [OBS], a user-friendly way for capturing high-quality video and audio. There are two models of OBS available for use on campus, one based on the Extron Studio Station model, and another based on the the Penn State University One Button Studio model.

Currently, two openly available OBS campus locations have live chroma key compositing capability [HLHS 316 &  PH 120D]; others, may have green-screen recording capability, but video editing is required to accomplish chroma key compositing [exceptions are PBB C323 & C350, which have no green-screens]. Each location has unique guidelines developed by their college or department, so it is highly recommended to visit the sites for locations provided below.

Individuals with disabilities are encouraged to use One Button Studios & Extron Studio Stations. If you are a person with a disability who requires a reasonable accommodation in order to use the studio, please contact the ITS Help Desk in advance at

Get Started With OBS

OBS Campus Locations

Division of World Languages, Literatures, and Cultures [Center for Language and Culture Learning-PH]

  • PH 120C [Extron Studio Station]
  • PH 120D [Extron Studio Station; live green-screen capture]
  • PH 120E [Extron Studio Station]
  • PH 120F [Extron Studio Station]

Hardin Health Sciences Library [HLHS]

  • HLHS 316 [PSU OBS; live green/blue-screen capture]

Main Library [LIB]

  • LIB 1015J [Extron Studio Station; green/blue-screen capture]

Tippie College of Business [Frank Business Communication Center-PBB]

OBS Departmental Locations

Chemistry Building [Cobalt Lounge-CB]

  • CB W234A - Student Services [Extron Studio Station]

Phillips Hall [PH]

  • PH 676 - American Sign Language [Extron Studio Station; live green-screen capture]

Seamans Center [SC]

  • SC 1135 - College of Engineering [Extron Studio Station]

Van Allen [VAN]

  • VAN 254 - Physics & Astronomy [in progress; Extron Studio Station; live chroma key compositing]

Mobile OBS

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences [CLAS]

  • Location TBD
    • Light Studio Station [Hauppauge HD PVR]
    • Basic Studio Station [Extron Studio Station]
    • Heavy Studio Station [Extron Studio Station; live chroma key compositing]

Additional Resources

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