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Online education courses are planned and designed in advance for online delivery using research-driven strategies. Keep in mind that what you have encountered due to COVID-19 has been emergency remote instruction and not necessarily online education. The abrupt shift to virtual delivery this spring was difficult for both instructors and students. Now you have an opportunity to make adjustments in preparation for the summer and fall semesters.

Below are resources developed to help UI instructors adapt to virtual teaching and learning—including best practices for course structure, communication, and facilitation. Guiding questions point you to practical resources aimed at helping you move your course delivery from pandemic mode toward a planned virtual course design strategy. Download the quick reference guide for any topic and review additional resources. Learn more about what your peers have been doing on the Keep Teaching Strategies podcast

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Preparing for Success

Keep It Simple: Logistical Considerations for Preparing to Teach 

Not sure where to start? Find quick tips, support links, and other basic information for setting up your course and preparing to teach this semester. 

How do I set up my ICON site?

How we guide students through their learning has far more to do with ICON course design than ever before. ICON course sites with a logical, consistent layout help to provide a clear learning path for students.

Guiding Students and Their Learning

Student success in any learning environment is influenced by their hard work and commitment as well as by the design and facilitation decisions instructors make—decisions such as how we orient students to a new learning environment, how we communicate expectations, and how we facilitate their assessments. This is especially true when learning is expected to take place in new environments such as those that require the implementation of online tools and strategies. Instructors can request course profiles with information about their students that might also inform these choices.

How can I help my students become effective virtual (online) learners? 

 How do I address exam integrity/cheating?

Teaching Effectively in a New Environment

Moving forward, much of your course facilitation will happen inside of ICON or via Zoom. Whether a face-to-face or virtual classroom, being engaged and present is an important indicator of student success. Take advantage of technology to automate repetitive tasks, enabling you to focus on key assignments and activities that will really benefit from more individualized attention.

How do I teach effectively in a virtual environment?

How can I provide timely feedback?

 How do I turn Zoom meetings into valuable learning experiences?

How do I record my lecture videos at home?

Large Courses Transitioning to Online Instruction

Teaching and learning in large courses, whether face-to-face or virtually, have never been easy tasks. There are steps that you can take to ensure a good experience for you and your students. The resources in this section aim to guide your practices in the virtual teaching and learning environment based on online teaching best practices and guidelines.

How do I make my large-enrollment course run well?

Have specific questions about your course?

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